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As you know, concrete is the most durable hardscape material available and is generally a very low to no maintenance surface, but a few preventative measures can go a long way to enjoying a long service life from your concrete driveway. Your durable concrete driveway is comprised of a tightly controlled blend of natural raw materials including, rock, sand, water and Portland Cement. KW Concrete only uses the highest quality concrete along with industry standard concrete installation practices. However, even with the best quality control measures and highest quality installation practices, variations in color, finish and long-term performance can occur due to naturally occurring variations in these raw materials that are out of our control.

With some minor maintenance and preventative measures, you can prolong the beauty and service life of your concrete. Concrete is susceptible to the forces of water in cold weather climates. Excess water left to freeze on concrete can result in spalling (surface deterioration of the top layer of the concrete). This condition is made worse by de-icing salts. The salts may have been applied directly to the driveway, or very often salts from streets can drop off of vehicles on the driveway surface.

There is no warranty coverage for winter weather damage to concrete, however, in order to help prevent this condition, we recommend removing snow and ice from the driveway, and that you ever use de-icing salts on your concrete. Use sand as needed for added traction. If at all possible, hose off your car of any street salts before parking on the concrete. Another preventative measure is to apply a penetrating sealer to your concrete driveway this will help protect from winter weather. There are many products available at local depot type hardware stores that can be sprayed rolled or brushed on.